Sista NForce s mission is to empower communities with knowledge skills and tools for safety resilience and wellbeing Leveraging expertise we equip stakeholders with proactive strategies to identify mitigate and respond to diverse threats making a lasting impact

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Empowering Resilient, Secure Communities

Community Safety Collaboration Events

Organizational Keep Your Staff Safe (KYSS) Strategies

Safety Education and Awareness Training

At Sista NForce Security, we are a vibrant community of change-makers dedicated to empowering individuals and communities with dynamic, engaging approaches to cultivate safety, resilience, and wellbeing. Driven by the belief that safety should be inspiring, not boring, we are committed to making a lasting impact.

Here at Sista NForce Security we re on a mission to spread safety vibes and kick violence suicide and community dangers to the curb We re all about arming folks with the know how and slizzling skills to build a community of KYSS responders to their well being and futures

Planning an event and in search of a speaker who can truly captivate and engage your audience? I have exciting news—I am now open for speaking engagements!

With an unwavering passion for worker safety and security, I come equipped with a treasure trove of knowledge and experience that I'm eager to share. My aim is to not just speak but to create an interactive experience that resonates with every attendee. Be it a bustling conference, an intimate workshop, or a corporate event, I am prepared to deliver a presentation that will leave your audience enlightened and inspired. Let's make your next event a milestone in the pursuit of workplace safety and security!

Discover the empowering world of Books by Nina with the "KYSS Defense" series. Begin with the "KYSS Defense: Empower & Protect Manual" for foundational safety strategies, then practice with "KYSS 2 Defense: The Companion Workbook" to sharpen your skills.

For the young ones, "Legend's Dino Quest" offers safety lessons wrapped in enthralling stories. And don't miss "SISTA KYSS AWAY: Empowerment in Action" for daily empowerment steps. Visit our site and transform your approach to personal safety—because with knowledge comes the power to protect. #KYSSDefense #SafetyFirst


1. How can I order Nina Books from Amazon or other bookstores?

Answer: You can order Nina Books from Amazon, local bookstores, through our website or

2. If I want Sista to develop a KYSS program for me, how do I get started?

Answer: To have Sista develop a customized KYSS (Know Your Safety Style) program for you, please contact us directly or (855) SISTA-17 discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation.

3. How can I arrange for Sista to facilitate a customized KYSS workshop?

Answer: To schedule a customized KYSS workshop facilitated by Sista, please reach out to us via email at or (855) SISTA-17 to discuss your needs and availability.

4. If I need Sista's expertise on safety and security matters, how do I get in touch?

Answer: For consultations on safety and security matters, please contact us at or (855) SISTA-17 to schedule a session with Sista, our subject matter expert.

5. How can I request Sista to host a QPR mental health wellness workshop or an AFSP Suicide Prevention workshop?

Answer: To have Sista facilitate a QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) mental health wellness workshop or an AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Suicide Prevention workshop, please contact us at or (855) SISTA-17 to discuss your event details and scheduling.

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